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About our teachers

Ms. Sara and Ms. Ira are two sisters who have a passion for teaching. With over 16 years of experience in the educational field, they have developed a unique approach to enhancement virtual classes that is both efficient and engaging.

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Ms. Ira

Meet the early achievers' teacher, Ms. Ira!  She has been a teacher for the past 16 years. Ms. Ira has taught preschool, particularly pre-k, at churches around Dunwoody GA and also in South Korea and Maryland.  After spending so many years teaching preschool, Ms. Ira decided to start an after school tutoring class teaching phonics to students after realizing so many pre-k students were interested in reading. From there, Ms. Ira has grown her class to also include math. In the past 8 years of "Ms. Ira's Early Achievers" which is now Accelerated Achievers Academy has taught hundreds of students throughout Georgia and in other states around the US!  

Ms. Ira graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in women's studies and international affairs. After working for several years, Ms. Ira then obtained a masters degree in education from the University of Maryland. Eventually, Ms. Ira hopes to get a phD in a field. It's never too late!  


Ms. Ira currently resides in Dunwoody Georgia with a dog named Gigi. Ms Ira loves spending time with her friends, family and her many nieces and nephews! Ms. Ira's main hobby is to stay active and that includes weight-lifting, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, yoga and breakdancing. 

Ms. Sara

Meet your teacher, Ms. Sara Jeon! With over 16 years of extensive experience, Ms. Sara brings a diverse teaching background to Accelerated Achievers. Ms. Sara's background encompasses teaching English in South Korean academies, working in both public and private schools in Georgia, and serving as an educational specialist dedicated to training fellow educators. Presently, she is imparting her expertise to you all through AAA virtual classes. With a loving family that includes her husband and adorable baby boy, Christian, she understands the importance of compassion and care. 

Possessing a Masters Degree in Education, Ms. Sara stands as a genuine authority in her domain, having pursued her academic endeavors at both the University of Georgia and Georgia State University. She also holds a bachelors in social work and a bachelors in psychology. But her passion goes beyond the textbooks. During her leisure hours, she finds joy in hiking through nature, undertaking creative projects on her home, thrifting for unique treasures and antiques, delving into historical fiction literature, and listening to the melodies of jazz music. Additionally, she nurtures a deep-seated fascination with philosophy and enjoys playing the piano.

Prepare to embark on an exciting learning journey with Ms. Jeon. Her passion for education and her nurturing nature will guide you through an inspiring and enriching year.  Let's make this a fantastic year of growth and discovery together!

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